Detecting and encouraging potential: the Group’s strength

The Group significantly invests in training for all its associates. This also enables us to better detect potential wherever it lies, and to encourage internal promotion. The objective is always the same: recognize and identify talented individuals, train them, nurture them, help them progress and facilitate their career development. The Group encourages this because the success of its talent is also Sonepar’s own success. The first priority is therefore to identify potential talent within the Group, a process that already takes place through annual performance reviews. In addition, and for the first time in 2015, an international Talent Review was undertaken by the Group’s Executive Board and the Region presidents. This work was based on preparatory meetings held between regional and country leaders in areas where teams had already undergone performance reviews. Starting in 2016, this process will be rolled out across all of our subsidiaries. Individual potential, aspirations, capacity for progress, areas of interest and mobility will in this way be better known and will help promote the development of all.