and objectives

Strategy and objectives
the Sonepar Executive


The SEC is composed of ten executives who work together to set strategy and objectives for the Group, in accordance with Sonepar values and legal requirements. ”

The Committee was enriched this year with two additional members (Florence Schlegel, the Group’s General Counsel, and Jochen Moll, its Chief Digital Officer), plus two newcomers to replace retiring members (Sara Biraschi Rolland, the head of Human Resources, and Eugene Wu, the APAC Region President).

Those changes, which give the SEC greater diversity and cultural difference, should also create a better balance between operational and support functions. The SEC will continue working to develop digital, promote talent and identify paths to growth for the Group.


François Poncet
Chief Financial Officer

“To consolidate business growth, we have worked with Finance Department staff at the various locations so that we can improve internal processes and risk control, and we have put our international finances on a secure foundation.”


Dave Gabriel
North America Region President

“We’ve put in place an international team in charge of developing the tools and processes we need to effectively assess and increase our opportunities for growth. Those tools are now being used in our four Regions.”


Jochen Moll
Chief Digital Officer

“e-commerce is all about putting the customer and the customer’s pathway first. I’ve had the opportunity to witness many examples of the Group’s outstanding achievements. As we continue with digital transformation, we will be sharing our best tools and practices with our local managers and their digital officers.”


Keith Moss
Asia-Pacific Region President

“The Asia-Pacific Region stresses the importance of integrating companies that join our Group. As always, that means mutual learning through the exchange of good practices. We’ve also started up new activities to prepare for the future.”


Eugene Wu
New SEC Member

Eugene Wu became the Asia-Pacific Region President in March 2016.


Patrick Salvadori
Southern Europe Region President

“To prepare for the changeover to digital, we’ve worked on introducing or converging shared IT tools and on making the most of our synergies. Our ICT Committee has assisted the country organizations with the transformation.”


Florence Schlegel
Group General Counsel

“The Group now expects its executives and associates to devote more energy to compliance with personal and data security laws. To achieve that, we have deployed new tools such as e-learning.”


Sara Biraschi Rolland
New SEC Member

Sara Biraschi Rolland was appointed Senior VP, Group Human Resources in February 2016.


Pierre Soussan
Senior VP, Group Human Resources

“The Group always needs more talent, and that’s why we started an International Talent Review and created new online recruitment platforms in several countries.”


Johan Verbeek
Northern Europe Region President

“To boost what we call operational excellence, we have increased the sharing of good practices along the supply chain and we have created centers of excellence to assist country organizations with their projects.”


Herbert Willmy
Executive Vice President, Global Sourcing & Services

“Together with our local executives, we have made our policies and product strategies more consistent by leveraging the efficiency of our Product Management Teams.”