Webshops and mobile applications

At Sonepar, being “La Référence” also means embracing digital transformation. This is clearly a key priority in 2016, one that fits perfectly with our multi-channel distribution strategy. The Group has therefore initiated a number of projects:

  • In the Netherlands, user experience has been enhanced with new features on Technische Unie’s online store.
  • In Switzerland, the Mobile Commerce solution has been enriched with the addition of online delivery traceability through the Track and Trace mobile system, which sends photos of a product’s current location to customers’ cell phones.
  • The Swiss mobile application has been duplicated in Austria, the Netherlands, Finland and France, where it already has over 35,000 regular users.
  • The Group has deployed new mobile applications, such as “movilidAPP,” an application in Spain focused on customer experience, with other similar initiatives in Mexico, Norway, Italy, Latvia and elsewhere.