Sonepar is the World’s number one b-to-b distributor of electrical products and related solutions

Who we are

A year of
high growth

The Executive Chairman Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette and the CEO Franck Bruel views on the company in 2015.

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Sonepar at a glance

Assisting our customers in a world of change.

20.2 billion euros CA
900,000+ customers served
43,000 associates
2,800 agencies

Operational excellence
and further investment

2015 sales performance with the Chief Financial Officer, François Poncet

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Strategy and objectives
the sonepar executive

The Sonepar Executive Committee (SEC) is composed of ten executives who work together to set strategy and objectives for the Group.

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We listen to
our customers

Because Sonepar is constantly attuned to customer needs and market trends, we place a premium on our extensive offer, our skilled front-line staff, our dense, multi-channel sales network, our value-added systems and solutions, our consulting work and tailored service and our cutting-edge logistics. In other words, we aim for operational excellence.

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We recognize

Maintaining a close and connected management style, detecting and encouraging potential, acknowledging good work whenever we see it, training and promoting our associates and helping them progress, sharing experience and providing security are all part of our commitment. Sonepar is very much a trust-based company.

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We mean business
about growth

Sonepar has continued to expand abroad through both autonomous growth and multiple acquisitions. That policy, along with our decentralized structure spanning four Regions, has enabled us to strengthen our existing positions and break into new markets and business lines. All that reflects our robust, long-term strategy.

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We are geared
to sustainability

As an unlisted family-owned company with global reach, Sonepar derives further strength from the active support of its family shareholders, its sound governance structures and its rigorous management and control processes. We have successfully pursued a sustainable strategy without ever sacrificing our values.

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